Typical Crossfit Case

AlAFIT Studio

Profession Creates the Miracle of Speed

Our company started the whole project at the end of May. It only took 15 days of business negotiation, product designing, customization and equipment installation to finish all complex processes. We have created the miracle of speed relaying on SANFEI’S professional workflow.


CROSSFIT Training Center

Equipments Layout: C2 Rowing Machine

CROSSFIT Training Center

Equipments Layout: Storage Rack, Training Appendixes, Weightlifting Series, GHD

Personal Training Area

Equipments Layout: Customized Storage Rack

TRX Training Area

Equipments Layout: Customized TRX Rack

Strength Training Area

Equipments Layout: 3D Smith Machine

Customized CF Training Rack

Equipments Layout: CF Training Rack with Special Customization

Multifunctional Boxing Ring


About Fanatics

FANATICS is one of TRIUMPH FITNESS USA'S product lines which focuses on the private fitness studio. It provides the whole solution of integrated design, product,training and fitness club management through highly customized products and services.